We are a parent participation preschool, run by all of the members of the Burnaby French Language Preschool Society. Parents at BFLP are required to participate in all 2 volunteer categories: fundraising and volunteering. 


With the registration package, the families will be asked to submit their top choices for volunteer positions. Over the summer, the volunteer coordinator will attempt to fill all positions according to your requests. If you register for the preschool after volunteer scheduling has already been completed, you will be assigned to one of the remaining positions. All parents will be informed of their volunteer duties at the mandatory September Parent Orientation.

Two ways to volunteer:

  • Participating in the Board of Directors; or
  • Filling one of the volunteering positions. 


The administrative duties of operating the Preschool are carried out by parents elected to the Board of Directors. Most of the positions are filled at the General Meeting held in May, and most are held for a one year term from July to the following June. The Treasurer and Registrar terms extend from January to December to provide continuity through the summer registration period (i.e., the new Treasurer and Registrar still take over in June, but are welcome to consult with their predecessors by phone/email on as-needed basis). The retiring officers and directors assist in the overlap period in the orientation of the new directors and officers.

Board members have specific duties to fulfil. They are also expected to attend monthly board meetings, help run the 3 parent meetings, and communicate regularly with parents and other board members in between meetings. In recognition of the time this requires, Board Members will not be assigned a second volunteer duty.


Responsible for the operation of the preschool. Oversees the direction of the executive and the teachers. Acts as the emergency liaison. Responsible for planning and leading board meetings. Oversees the volunteers who sit on the board of directors.


Oversees the coordination of all social events (Christmas party and spring picnic) of the preschool. Attends to the privacy concerns of the parents. Assists the president whenever there is a need.


Encompasses all financial affairs for the preschool, from doing payroll to monthly bank deposits and bill payments. Responsible for mail pick-up at the preschool’s post office box.


Keeper of records and responsible for communications between the board and parents. Responsible for writing the minutes for all executive and general meetings; supervises on the web. Informs the volunteer-webmaster of changes to the board membership (i.e. email addresses of new board members who start mid-year should be added to the board mailing list, and of those who step down should be taken off.)


Responsible for administering the enrolment of new families to the Society and preschool, as well as the maintaining of class lists. Will receive applications from new families and maintain adequate records of enrollment. Report the enrollment figures to the government. Communicate with prospective families throughout the school year and the summer, by email and telephone, regarding enrollment inquiries.

Publicity Director

Responsible for the promotion of the preschool through the creation and distribution of flyers, placement of advertising, maintenance of the BFLP Facebook page, assistance with BFLP open houses, and posting of signage (on school fence). The goal of publicity is to keep enrolment numbers high throughout the year.

Fundraising Director

Responsible for planning and conducting fundraising events throughout the year. The fundraising director will have a small committee of parents to assist with the fundraising projects.

Equipment Director/Maintenance

Responsible for the maintenance of school building and equipment. This volunteer ideally has the skills required for minor repairs to the classroom, and maintenance (changing light bulbs, painting, etc). Oversees the Big Clean Up.

Volunteer Coordinator

Coordinates and oversees all parent volunteers (with the exception of the Board of Directors): receives parents’ volunteer sign-up forms; assigns parents to volunteer positions in late August. Works with the classroom teachers over the year to ensure that all volunteer needs are being met, and helps to adjust the assignments if any difficulties arise or when new families enroll. Reminds clean-up teams of their upcoming duties.

Director At Large

Supports board members where needed (e.g., assist the Registrar with registration activities throughout the summer, open houses, and other peak recruitment times).

Can a board position be shared?

As long as 1 person stays accountable for the work associated with the position, a 2nd person can share in on the work. Only the accountable person’s name will be listed in the Society’s documentation with the BC Government.


Class Representative

The Class representative should be a parent who can drop off or pick up his/her child at the preschool, as regular communication with parents and the classroom teachers is necessary for this position. The class representative acts as a liaison between the teacher(s), the Executive Board, and the parents so that all parents are aware of upcoming events, meetings and any problems that may arise.

The class rep informs parents regarding upcoming activities, distributes raffle tickets and collects field trip forms and money. Ideally, the class representative will attend fieldtrips and be responsible for handling the payments/check-in for their specific class on fieldtrip day. If this is not always possible, the class rep may find a designate.

In addition, the Class Representative may occasionally be invited to attend the Executive board meetings in a non-voting capacity in order to be more aware of Preschool matters and relay concerns affecting his or her class.

Field Trip Coordinator

One coordinator is required to assist the teacher(s) in booking field trip activities and distributing consent forms.

Laundry Team

This duty entails taking home towels, tablecloths, dress up clothing, paint smocks and other laundry to be washed. The teachers will send items home with any parent on the team, as required. Estimate one load of laundry per week. This works best if laundry goes home on a Friday and is returned (clean & folded) on the following Monday. As a result, these positions are best held by parents from the 4-year-old classes (M/W/F schedule).

Play Dough Person

This duty requires that play dough be prepared, either at home or in the classroom on a monthly basis. Expenses will be reimbursed by the Preschool upon request. 

Recycling Person/Garbage

This duty must be performed daily by the person who picks up your child at the end of class. These volunteers will collect the garbage from the classroom and dispose of it (usually in the nearby Marlborough School dumpster). These volunteers will also monitor the quantity of recyclable goods, and will take the recycling home with them when a sufficient amount has been collected (or at the request of the teacher).

Shopping Person

This duty entails shopping for supplies as requested by the teacher. This person should be available on short notice, and perhaps have a Costco (or other wholesale) card. All supplies will be reimbursed. 

Party Coordinator & Organizers

The party coordinator will chair the party committee. This team of parents will organize the annual winter and spring parties for the children. The committee arranges a location (if the party is not a “classroom event”), arranges for a visit from Santa, potluck food, etc. Information about previous parties is available.

Fundraising Committee

These parents work with the Fundraising Coordinator (Board member) to organize events and activities throughout the school year. Help with planning, promoting, sorting, compiling orders, and distributing goods.

Scholastic Book Coordinator

 This volunteer circulates order forms to parents approximately once a month. The volunteer subsequently collects, compiles, and places the order (by phone or online). When the order arrives, the book coordinator will divide up the materials according to individual orders, and will return them to the classroom where parents can pick them up. The orders we make at BFLP contribute to earned points for teachers to buy new books for the school on a credit basis.


This parent is responsible for the maintenance and upgrading of the BFLP website at www.bflp.org. This position is suited for a tech savvy parent with experience programming in HTML. The website volunteer will be in regular communication with the Board of Directors, but will not hold a voting position at the board meetings. The webmaster will also maintain the parent’s and board’s mailing lists.

Big Clean Up

The classroom needs a thorough disinfectant cleaning of all toys and surfaces once every month. The “big clean up” job may sound daunting, but in reality it is a very reasonable time commitment. Clean up crews will be divided into alternating teams. Each team will be scheduled for 4 cleaning days over the course of the year. Crews of 5-8 parents can expect to spend approximately 2 hours in the classroom on their cleaning days. Please indicate whether you are interested in team A, or team B.
Team A: One Saturday morning in each of October, December, February, April
Team B: One Sunday morning in each of November, January, March, and May.

If you are unable to come to your assigned day, you may trade with another parent or have another adult fill your spot (i.e. grandparent, friend, neighbour).


These volunteers photocopy materials as needed by the preschool teachers and board members.


The sewing volunteer is responsible for mending / altering costumes, smocks, etc. This volunteer may also be asked to sew new costumes, puppets, etc. for the classroom as needed.

Registration Assistant

The majority of the registration assistant’s work will be done in the spring, in Term 2 (please sign up for a second volunteering position in Term 1). The assistant helps the registrar with application processing, photocopying, compiling, addressing and mailing of registration packages to 50+ families pre-registered for the next school year. The assistant will attend the February Open House and assist with registration activities, such as helping parents fill out pre-registration forms and answer registration inquiries.

Treasurer's Assistant

To be determined by treasurer.